Congressman Ruiz grills Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook data breach

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, was back on the hot seat on Capitol Hill over the data breach of millions of users.

Local congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz was one of the lawmakers grilling Zuckerberg today.

Ruiz questions Zuckerberg
“Why did Facebook not notify the FTC in 2015 when you first discovered this had happened and was it the legal opinion of your company that you were under no obligation to notify the FTC even with the 2011 consent order in place,” Ruiz asked Zuckerberg.

“Congressman, in retrospect, it was a mistake and we should have and I wish we would have notified and told people then, the reason why we didn’t,” Zuckerberg answered.

“Did you think that the rules were kind of lax that you were sort of debating whether you needed to or something,” Ruiz responded.

Zuckerberg apologized for the second straight day for failing to protect users’ privacy. He said the company is working hard to change its own operations following the Cambridge analytica data scandal that allowed user data to be used by the trump campaign’s research firm.


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