Dr. Ruiz Declares Victory in Congressional Primary; Wins Over 82% of Democratic Votes


March 21, 2024

Contact: Matt Ducey, [email protected]

Indio, CA – Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz today declared victory in the primary election for California’s 25th Congressional District. In the latest vote tallies, Ruiz has won 45.4% of the ballots counted; his nearest competitor, a Republican, has 20.5%.  

Ruiz won more than 82% of the votes cast for Democratic candidates.

He issued the following statement:

“I’m proud to have won the primary by such a large margin, and I’m especially proud that I won such a large majority of votes cast for Democratic candidates. The November election will be a referendum on how we want to move forward as a nation. I’ve shown that I am committed to protecting Social Security and Medicare, reducing health care costs, growing our economy in a way that creates opportunity for all, and protecting women’s personal freedom.

“I’ve also shown that it really is possible for an elected official to collaborate in a bipartisan manner to get things done, like making sure veterans receive the benefits and health care they need, revitalizing the Salton Sea, and helping constituents cut red tape. I look forward to the November election, and with the support of the voters, to continuing to serve as their advocate in Congress.”

Local Democratic leaders expressed their strong support for the Congressman:

Riverside County Supervisor Yxstian Gutierrez remarked, “Due to Congressman Dr. Ruiz’ leadership and commitment to our veterans, I’m honored to support him in his re-election for Congress. He continues to advocate for our most vulnerable populations and has served as a champion for my District.” 

Marcie Maxwell, President of the Democrats of the Desert and former Washington State Representative, said that “Democrats of the Desert, the largest and oldest Democrat organization in Coachella Valley, proudly supports Congressman Raul Ruiz’s re-election. Dr. Ruiz has been a proven voice and vote for the needs of this region, standing strong for the freedoms, equality, and democracy we value.”

Jim Mercado, President of the Pass Democratic Club, which covers all of the cities in the San Gorgonio-Banning-Beaumont Pass area, commented “we, the club, gave everything we had to help elect Dr. Ruiz when he first ran for Congress, and to this day we are very proud of that fact! I voted for Dr. Ruiz because he has never forgotten us; he has always left us inspired, motivated, and appreciative of all the work that he has accomplished, and he’s truly been our voice in D.C. His decisive victory in the Primary reflects the adoration Democrats in the Pass area and throughout the District have for our Congressman.” 

Long time Democratic activist and Political Director of the Democratic Headquarters of the Desert Elle Kurpiewski said that she supports Dr. Ruiz “because the Congressman supports his constituents and he’s proven that in his time in Congress. The man cares deeply about people, and it shows every day in the work that he does.”

David Weiner, President of the Desert Stonewall Democrats, the largest LGBTQ+ Democratic club in the region, remarked “I am very excited and proud once again to support Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz. He has been a friend to my community and to the entire Inland Empire region for more than 12 years. I look forward to Dr. Ruiz continuing to represent our communities for many years to come.”

Suellen Chodash, President of the Sun City Palm Desert Democrats, said “I support Congressman Ruiz because he is the most qualified and experienced candidate who cares deeply about the needs of his constituents and works diligently in their best interests. I’m sure that’s why the voters once again demonstrated strong support for him on Election Night.”

Tarilyn Beer, President of the Sun City Shadow Hills Democrats and retired business leader in the county for over three decades, supports Congressman Ruiz “because he aligns so well with my core values as an American. He is a hands-on leader who works everyday to better the lives of our veterans, seniors, families, and youth, listening to his constituents and then taking action to improve our lives and communities.”