Get the Facts

Our country is at a crossroads and our politics have never been more toxic. We need leaders who will stand up for honesty and the truth, and who are willing to work with people from the other party to get things done instead of insulting them. I invited my opponent to discuss our differences with respect and base our arguments on the truth. Unfortunately, she chose to run a negative campaign based on false attacks and misleading claims.

I ran for Congress to improve people’s lives, like I did as an emergency physician. As a doctor, I’m trained to put people first, to base my decisions on evidence and facts, and to work as a team to get things done. And that’s precisely what I’ve done in Congress. The truth is important. Thanks for coming here to Get the Facts.

Fact #1

Dr. Ruiz has been a consistent champion for Medicare, and has never voted to cut Medicare benefits. Like others before her, Brown Pelzer is mischaracterizing a reduction in overpayments to private insurance companies that actually strengthened Medicare as a cut to benefits. The facts are clear – stopping those overpayments was not a cut to benefits or services to seniors. Dr. Ruiz kept his promise to strengthen and preserve Medicare. When Brown Pelzer was asked to provide evidence for her claim she shamelessly referenced talking points from the National Republican Campaign Committee, the hyper-partisan campaign arm of the Republican Leadership, and could not backup her claim. See below for reference.

Source: It’s worth noting that there’s one area these cuts don’t touch: Medicare benefits
Source: The Center for Medicare Advocacy says this attack is “simply untrue”
Source: A non-partisan fact checker debunks this Republican talking point

Even The Desert Sun fact-checked this claim, writing on October 18th, 2018:

“The $700 billion cost reduction, however, doesn’t refer to costs levied on consumers, including seniors, as Brown Pelzer suggested. The figure comes from a 2012 Congressional Budget Office forecast that projected the Affordable Care Act would reduce the cost of Medicare by $716 billion. Although the Affordable Care Act did not make direct cuts to Medicare, provisions were included in the law to try and rein in ballooning healthcare costs and decrease the amount the government spent on hospitals and insurance.

The Desert Sun asked the Brown Pelzer campaign for documentation of the $1,700 average additional cost the Affordable Care Act put on 36th District seniors. The campaign said they received the figure from the National Republican Congressional Committee and that it referred to seniors nationwide, including but not limited to the 36th District. At the time of publication, they were unsure how the fact was calculated.”


Dr. Ruiz Works Across Party Lines to Strengthen Medicare

Fact #2

Dr. Ruiz was awarded the 2018 Bipartisan Policy Center’s Legislative Action Award for his legislative achievements and working with people from the other party to get things done. Dr. Ruiz has a strong record of being an independent thinker and bucking his own party leadership on issues important for his constituents. He’s also proud of his work in forming the bipartisan Burn Pits Caucus, which focuses on protecting our veterans and service members who have been exposed to toxic burn pits in combat.

“I just wanted to give a shout out and congratulations to Congressman Ruiz on his award and the work that he’s doing to bring members of both parties together in the House around big issues with the idea to solve problems. We need more leaders like him who are willing to take risks and to take some of the slings and arrows that you know come with reaching out across the aisle to make a difference for the constituents in his district and his community, but most importantly for the country as a whole.”

– Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele

Source: 2018 Bipartisan Policy Center Legislative Action Awards
SourceRep. Raul Ruiz receives bipartisanship award
Source: Raul Ruiz goes against House Democratic leaders in backing Medicare bill

Fact #3

Dr. Ruiz has authored 10 pieces of legislation that have been signed into law including most recently the Wildfire Prevention Act, the Tribal Broadband Deployment Act, the Advancing High Quality Treatment for Opioid Use in Medicare Act, and two amendments in the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act to help veterans exposed to burn pits. Brown Pelzer continues to claim that Dr. Ruiz has not had any legislation signed into law despite being proven wrong repeatedly. As the Desert Sun noted in their 2018 endorsement on October 18th, 2018:

“Despite Brown Pelzer’s claim Ruiz has been ineffective, the congressman points to laws that include his legislative initiatives — including ones that benefit disabled military veterans and provide aid for wildfire victims in what seems now like an always-burning California. Getting your vision translated into law — regardless of whose name is on the final package — is what’s important to constituents who benefit from those efforts.”

View the legislation here >>>>

Source: Dr. Ruiz’s Wildfire Protection Bill to be signed into law
Source: Inland Lawmaker’s Bill Expanding Tribal Broadband Is Signed
Source: Rep Raul Ruiz’s burn pits legislation signed into law
Source: The valley has above-average opioid overdose rates. Here’s what Trump and Ruiz are doing about it

Fact #4

Dr. Ruiz voted for S.1094 the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017. This is a clear example of Brown Pelzer’s dishonesty in an attempt to mislead voters. Dr. Ruiz voted against the first version of the VA Accountability First Act because it did not provide enough protections for VA insider whistleblowers from retaliation. The second version, renamed S. 1094, Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017, included improved and acceptable protections for whistleblowers. Dr. Ruiz voted for it and it passed the House overwhelmingly and was signed by the President into law on June 23rd, 2017.

Dr. Ruiz has been a strong, consistent supporter for veterans and their families, holding the VA accountable so they provide the timely, quality health care, benefits, and respect that our veterans have earned and deserve.

Source: S. 1094: Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017